When It is Time to Sale Your Vehicle- Consider the Alternative

When it comes time to sale your vehicle, the process can be one that is pretty tedious. Most vehicle owners wish there were a fast and convenient way to avoid the fixing and repairing of the vehicle, as well as the polishing and shining. That is not to mention the time and cost of advertising the vehicle. You think you have the worst part over once you are done repairing and cleaning the vehicle and then, suddenly comes all the hours of having to meet with the buyers who think they want to buy just to view the vehicle and low ball you. There’s also the concern of the paperwork. Did you do everything right not to be liable for the vehicle once the new owner drives away in the car. And, pricing. Did you sell your vehicle too low? It is not easy.

There is an alternative to selling your vehicle in the traditional means, but we’ll get to that later. For now, lets take a look at the traditional means to sell your vehicle.

The first thing when selling your vehicle is to fix and clean the vehicle. The next thing is to set your price. And, the next is advertised the car.

Setting your price for the vehicle is something that is not always easy. There are a few different ways to approach determining the selling price of your vehicle- you can check out similar makes and models, age and condition of vehicles for sale like yours. You can also check the Kelley Blue Book on your vehicle to see what the value of your vehicle is. You can also consider going with the trade in value of your car. It is up to you how you determine the price of your vehicle, but you need to price your vehicle at a fair and competitive price.

Once you have your vehicle advertised, you will then need to begin to deal with the buyers. Advertising your vehicle will depend on how you want to sale it. Do you want to sell your vehicle through the classified? Would you rather place a “For Sale” sign on your vehicle, drive it down to the corner and wait for interested buyers to take a look at the vehicle, trying to negotiate a deal. It is up to the owner of the vehicle as to how they want to sale their vehicle. Classifieds work, putting your car on the corner work, parking it outside of an auto shop works, etc.

It is also important to have the right paperwork. Paperwork is essential to ensure that once you hand the keys over, you aren’t liable for the car once the new owner takes ownership. Too many vehicle owners have sold their vehicle just for the new owner to get into an accident on the way home and be liable for the accident.

Your alternative in selling your car is a car removal company. While you might immediately think that you’ll be low-balled on price, with a reputable car removal company, you won’t be. Capital Car Removal is a car removal company that pays cash for cars and offers free car removals. We come to the location of the vehicle owner and remove their vehicle for free and put cash in their hands at the time we perform their free car removal.

We are a fair and competitive car removal company that first appraises a vehicle owners car, truck, SUV, van, 4×4, commercial vehicle, ute, Jeep, motorcycle, etc. over the phone or through our “Instant Appraisal” form located on our site. If we are not able to properly appraise it with specific details about the car that we require the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle, then we will set an appointment to appraise the vehicle. Once appraised, that is our cash offer for the vehicle. The process only gets easier from there. Vehicle owners simply accept or reject our offer. Should they accept, we then schedule an appointment to remove the car for free. We never charge a towing or removal fee and always bring the cash with us.

If you are wondering what the catch is, there isn’t one. Capital Cash Car is a fair and competitive car removal company that pays fair and competitive prices for vehicles. We have a network of auto buyers and a wrecking yard that is state of the art, allowing us to accept vehicles of all conditions. Whether a vehicle that is in wrecked condition, one that is in accident condition, one that is simply used and you want a quick sale, we will perform the car removal. We buy vehicles of every make and model, age and condition.

For a fast and convenient free car removal that pays cash, just give us a call.

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