Tilt Tray Canberra

Capital Car Removal provides Canberra with tilt tray towing. Our response time is fast, and our rates are affordable. Contact us for the quick dispatch of a tow truck technician and a quick quote. Call 1300 409 931

Capital Car Removal Tilt Tray Towing Canberra

Cars tend to break down when it is least expected; and, there is nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road. Capital Car Removal responds quickly to all towing service needs, showing up fully prepared to provide the precautions and care your vehicle requires safe transport.

We are a Canberra towing company that provides top of the line tilt tray towing. Tilt tray towing is the best choice in a type of tow truck when the car has been involved in an accident, as transporting it fully off the ground creates no further risk of damage to the car. It is also the choice when the car is one that is cherished by the owner, or a show or prestige car. With tilt tray towing the car is loaded onto the flatbed of our trucks and transported completely off the ground. The tray of the flatbed is equipped with hydraulics for the tray to be moved to the ground where the car can be easily loaded. The tow trucks are state of the art, and the towing they provide is the first rate.

We also provide tilt tray towing for machinery and equipment that provides machinery owners with safe transport of their equipment so that it arrives at its new destination in the same condition it left.

Tilt tray tow trucks are often the choice of transport when hauling containers as they provide ample room to fit container onto the tray. At Capital Car Removal, we are equipped with the proper lifting equipment and trucks to safely transport your container and its belongings.

At Capital Car Removal, our customers are provided with:

Tilt tray towing – Capital Car Removal provides tilt tray towing that is the quality tow that you and your car require.

Machinery towing – Have your heavy equipment hauled with safety and ease with us.

Car & equipment recoveries – We provide vehicle and equipment recoveries whether cars are broken down on the side of the road, or they have been involved in an accident.

Emergency Towing – At Capital Car Removal, we provide 24-hour emergency towing each day of the year. When a quick response to your roadside emergency is necessary, contact us.

With Capital Car Removal, you can rely on the proper equipment and expertise required for the safe transport of your vehicles or machinery. We are there in rapid response time when you are broken down or have been involved in an accident.

Quality Towing – Affordable Rates

At Capital Car Removal, we provide quality towing services at affordable rates. We are a tow truck company in Canberra that provides quotes for towing services upfront. Our quotes are not an estimate; they are the final cost of your bill. We provide competitive quotes over the phone and online, guaranteeing no hidden fees or surprises.

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To obtain a quote for your towing service, please contact Capital Car Removal at the number below. We also provide quotes through our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page. We are Canberra’s towing service that offers the quick dispatch of a towing technician to minimise wait time so that you and your vehicle are safe. For more information or to obtain a quote for your towing need, contact us at the number below. Call 1300 409 931